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The interactive wallpaper


On your desktop you will find a wallpaper with easy access to applications and links.



Save data in the cloud

The tubCloud service (based on the free open source cloud-service "ownCloud") offered by the TU Berlin allows you to access your personal data (e.g. music, files, pictures) from any location with different devices. The web interface also offers a photo gallery and an integrated PDF viewer. With the integrated editor it is possible to collaborate on shared files. Plus you can use the editor for coding purposes with the syntax highlighting feature. tubCloud is your alternative to other cloud-service providers like Dropbox.

The tubCloud service can be found here:

Within the tubIT-live-system you are able to easily access your Data at anytime.

During personalization of your tubIT-live USB two folders are generated automatically:

clientsync and ownCloud

ClientSync is the synchronisation folder for your data. You can also work on your data while offline. While connected to the internet the ClientSync folder on the memory stick synchronises with the ClientSync folder in the central tubCloud system in short intervals of time and after every user action.

The ownCloud folder can only be accessed through an internet connection. Apart from the ClientSync folder it also contains all data that has been synchronised with the central tubCloud system.

Print with print@campus

tubIT offers several printers and two copy stations for scanning and copying to students and employees. For our print and scan service the "print@campus service" is used, which allows you to pay your printouts with a MensaCard from Studentenwerk. further information on this service can be found here: https://www.tubit.tu-berlin.de/?90525

You can use the print@campus printers from your tubIT-live-system. Just follow the instructions for "using printers from your own computer" on the following page: https://www.tubit.tu-berlin.de/?90525

You can also use the immediate-print function within the TUB portal, further information can be found here: https://www.tubit.tu-berlin.de/?122598#422837



I saved the image on the USB but cannot start tubIT-live

The file tubitlive-usb-efi.img is available for downloading but should not be saved on the tubIT-live USB.

Save the file on the host computer instead and install on USB from there.

The installation directions for your operating system can be found here.

Is it possible to install tubIT-live on a memory stick with less than 8 GB?

It is possible since the operating system itself is very slim.

However we still recommend 8 GB to make sure there is enough space to save the average amount of data which is going to be synchronised from tubCloud.

If you intend to use your maximum tubCloud quota of 20 GB you need to choose your USB accordingly.


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